// To Serve and Aid Those In Need


Who Are We?

We are <CRAFT> a Rank 30 casual FC located on Zalera. We are comprised of a small group of like-minded individuals sharing a common goal: To serve and aid those in need and have fun while doing so. We have continuously been a quiet beacon of support and camaraderie in the community and never ask for anything other than paying the kindness forward.

The long of it:

We are a small 18+ casual FC with an eclectic mix of newer and experienced players. While membership is far from exclusive, our goal isn't to become a mega FC filled with a faceless crowd. Here at <CRAFT>, we don't see numbers on a roster, we see and support the people behind the number and their characters. So while we do limit our recruitment, we only do so for the benefit of the free company as a whole.

Despite our name, crafting isn’t the only thing offered at SOS Craftworks. While our FC started with the goal of mentoring players looking to get into end game crafting, we’ve come a long way since then. These days, our main motivation is playing a game that we all love in a casual, friendly and helpful environment.


We're not raiders, but we are collectors. If an Extreme has a mount or glam we want, we'll go after it. From older Savages to ShB Extremes we'd be down. If you're interested in farming but newer to raiding/never done it at all and express an interest in it, you'd be more than welcome to join us.

Some benefits we offer:

An active Discord server
Mansion in the Goblet
Experienced players and mentors
Regular FC buffs
And much more!

All we ask in return is that you’re willing to give a helping hand to those in need and treat your fellow FC members with kindness and respect. We hope you’ll give us a shot and we’ll be happy to see you when you do!

We have an active Discord server full of useful information, memes, bantering, and a general all around fun active community. While we do have 1-2 intense/mature
channels (appropriately marked NSFW) , we leave that up to your discretion on if you join them or not.

Meet Our Officers

Sheamus O'Shaunessy

Hello I am Sheamus O’Shaunessy. I am the creator of the Free Company known as the SOS Craftworks, or <Craft>.

Originally from Balmung, now based in Zalera, my goal was to have an FC that centered around Crafting and Gathering, where I could help people learn the intricacies of what was then a somewhat complex system.

These days, the systems for Crafting and Gathering have been greatly simplified, so now the FC focuses more on general growth, helping people with more than just crafting and gathering, but other types of content as well.

My inspiration for all of this is based on my experiences as a new player, where someone supported me while also teaching me along my way through the game. In addition, I’ve also been witness to less pleasant scenarios involving personal drama, cliques, and a few things left unsaid. I’ve been working hard to prevent these things from being a part of the FC.

Naga O'Shaunessy

Hello! I'm Naga O'shaunessy and I'm the Co-Leader of <Craft>. I am competent at all classes but don’t excel at any of them in-particular. I started with 1.0 on and off, but now have been active since 2.0. I have a decent sense of combat mechanics, mid-level crafting, and gathering. A casual player, willing to help out those who want/need it and give a general gist of the basics. So if you need a hand don’t hesitate to give a shout!

Blanche Fairemont

Hi! I'm Blanche Fairemont and an officer of <Craft>! I'm a casual player that's been around since re-release of the game and have played relatively consistently all these years. My area of expertise comes in the form of conversation and laughter and I usually aim to brighten everyone's day. I'm always willing to run through dungeons and content and can help make the queue line shorter if it's needed with a tank or a healer. I like to keep busy inside the game so if you see me, give a shout out!

Claire Couture

Hello there! I'm Claire Couture and I'm an officer in <Craft>! I started playing XIV back at the launch of 2.0 and I've been attached to it ever since. I'm a bit of a completionist so I have all Combat & DOL/DOH classes maxed at 80. I'm at my happiest when I'm helping others, so please feel free to ask me for help at any time. I'm mostly a crafter/housing main, but I love running content and would love to eventually try out some of the harder content XIV offers. I'm super friendly and love to chat about just anything. To say that I love housing and fashion in XIV would be an understatement. I'm practically obsessed with it. I'm even a small content creator for it on Youtube. <.< I fantasia a lot... and I really enjoy collecting mounts, minions, orchestrions in game and discussing lore.

Tiamat Yu

Hello! I'm Tiamat (Tia for short) and an officer of <Craft>. I'm a very casual player who vibes quietly with my decent enough knowledge of crafting and combat. I am an on and off player who is always willing to hop on and do stuffs. Whether that be chatting it up or helping with making queue waits a little less boring and slow. I am an ear for any and all character talk, I love hearing all the love and heart people put into their characters !


Porting to the FC house feels a lot like arriving home after a long day out. We've had our mansion overlooking the heart of the Goblet since 2017 and have remained here ever since. The location just feels right and when something feels right you don't mess with it. Or at least we don't mess with it too much. Our housing decorator on the other hand likes to switch up the decor from time to time. However, several things around the house will always remain the same: Two banana trees, chocobo stables, crafting stations, 3 garden plots, and a Starlight Dodo roasted to perfection (much to the dismay of our dodo loving officer).

What does having a mansion mean for you as a member?

You'll have access to:

3 Garden Plots - All members have access to planting/harvesting in our FC gardens. We only ask that you don't touch it if it's not yours and to alert an officer at the time of your planting so we can help keep an eye on it.

Workshop Access - All members can build to their hearts content in the company workshop. We do ask for you to have all materials ready at the time of commencing the project so as not to hold back other members wishing to build. Submarines and Airships are managed by Claire, so if you need something specific from them alert her and she'll send them out for you ASAP.

Personal FC Chambers

Want to try your hand at decorating? All members after 30 days of active membership will be provided their own quarters paid for by the FC. Please keep in mind you will need to reach the rank of Second (Storm, Serpent, Flame) Lieutenant of your Grand Company to purchase it. However, we'll foot the bill once you're able to do so and express interest. Give it a whirl and let your decorating dreams go wild!

Interested In Joining?

If you're interested in joining or would like further details please reach out to one of our officers either in game or via Discord at any time! We'd love to talk to you!

Sheamus O'shaunessy

Claire Couture
Sock Ninja#8662

Blanche Fairemont

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